Why Earth Guard

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Why Choose Earth Guard Packaging?

1. Earth Guard Packaging is a manufacturing company, not an importer. We manufacture around the globe including Taiwan, China, North America (NJ & PA) and South America (Chile). In addition to our own product lines, we also been manufacturing private­ label products for many of the US’s largest thermoforming and disposable manufacturing companies for many years.

2. We have the largest manufacturing facility in the world and we fulfill 100% of US quality standards. Dr. Huang, a polymer chemist and a US manufacturer for 20 years in Food and Medical packaging, enforces strict QC & QA.

3. Earth Guard Packaging is a hi­tech company and we are the largest GREEN products manufacturer. Our proprietary EGS (EarthGuard Starch) material will have a great impact to the packaging/disposable industries for the years to come. We believe that our customers will be greatly benefited. We build all of our Green products based on this proprietary material: 100% biodegradable/compostable bioplastics (EGS).

The products are: COMPOSTABLE (good environmental footprint), NATURAL, PETROLEUM­ FREE (better for food) and PRICE NEUTRAL.

a. Dr. Huang has drawn on his 30 years of polymer science experience to create this proprietary EGS polymeric bioplastic (cellulose­base polymer without any PP blend). It is 100% COMPOSTABLE.

b. The manufacturing process consumes much less energy than other bioplastics (8% energy of the other bioplastics). Our Green products are approximately half the cost of others and offer PRICE NEUTRALITY compared to non­-Green products.

c. EGS is made from 100% renewable NATURAL resources. It is PETROLEUM ­FREE (no toxic monomers and better for food). This makes EGS a great choice for use with natural and organic foods.

d. EGS has microwaveable capability.

e. Applications: Foodservice, Supermarket/Food packaging (including Packer Processors).