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About Earth Guard Packaging LLC


I would like to take this time & opportunity to introduce myself and my company Earth Guard Packaging LLC. I started in the industry over 40 years ago as a PhD. Polymer scientist working for Gulf Chemical, Amoco Chemical, Shell Chemical and others developing many of plastics that are in use in our every day lives. In 1980 I began my own company, Greenway Plastics Industries Corporation, and developed two ground breaking products, Barex Film (the material used in all the transdermal patches such as the “nicotine patch”) and 100% Recycled RPET introduced in 1989, years ahead of its time.

From this point I transitioned the company to become a global manufacturer and opened facilities in Taiwan, South America, China and North America (PA). Our focus was to develop food packaging lines that have an environmentally friendly footprint and meet the cradle to cradle model and criteria. After years of perfecting the recycled RPET we have commercialized it, brought it to market and made it competitive with virgin PET.

Years later after considerable research I have returned to the supply sector of the industry and we are now bringing to market environmental packaging for the food service/grocery/packing segment. The exciting new product we introduce to you is our EGS (Earth Guard Starch, polymeric Bioplastics). This product is made from renewable resources and is a biodegradable and compostable product.Our goal is to replace environmentally detrimental packaging such as Foam, PS, Virgin PET and PP and replace them with our recycled RPET & EGS polymeric Bioplastics. We have developed a wide variety of products and have further upcoming releases. Finally there is an environmentally friendly product line for the food service industry at a cost that is economical and affordable.

We believe these innovative and timely environmental products not only fulfill a social and economic need, but will give you a new product line that your customers are looking for and that you can now afford to switch to.

Timothy Huang PhD.